Little People


Our LITTLE PEOPLE - Montessori for Toddlers program supports your children’s desire to discover and their need for independence while providing a sense of safety and security. Our Montessori-trained (Left Brain) and Reggio- inspired (Right Brain) teachers propagate awareness of sensitive periods, encourage learning through play and exploration, and respect the natural development of the child.

What We Teach Toddlers are given the time and opportunity to engage in purposeful work to explore language, music, movement, art, practical life, and fine/gross motor activities that meet their individual developmental needs.

They practice skills such as buttoning, tying and zipping, preparing meals, and caring for the environment and themselves. As toddlers move between Right and Left Brain environments: They develop their attention span, coordination, feelings of security and independence They participate in individual and group games, world music, storytime, and art The toddler environment is prepared for the awesome work of creating the self, feeling one’s own edges, and finding one’s own core

Bilingual Education Most people try to learn a second language with their Left Brain. However, language is actually better learned through the Right Brain. All babies learn their first language by the age of 3 and are able to communicate at the minimum level. This is because they learn their first language with their Right Brain. Until the age of 6, the Right Brain experiences the golden years to learn two languages. If you wish to raise bilingual children, the fastest method is to train them between the ages of 0 to 6. By receiving a bilingual education, children develop their Right Brain. It is scientifically proven that the younger you are, you are able to pick up pronunciation better, and once you are able to pronounce better, you will never lose this ability.

Class rundown

  • Morning Greeting
  • Montessori Work
  • Morning Circle Time
  • Park Time/PE Time
  • Lunch Time Preparation
  • Lunch Time
  • Story Time
  • Nap Time
  • Phonics Time
  • Art Time
  • Science Time
  • Good Bye Circle Time
  • Snack time
  • Good-bye Greeting


Program Info

  • 18 months ~ 3 years old

  • Maximum 14 per class

  • Tsukiji Campus

    Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM - 15:00 PM (Wed 10:10-15:00)

What students will learn
  • Independent
  • Social and Emotional
  • Fully Use Their Five Senses
  • Work in a Group
  • English-language skill
  • Phonics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication


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circle time

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music & dance

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language & culture

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theme study

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read & write

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show & tell