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You will get a true sense of a “Day in the Life of TNG Montessori” and are encouraged to book the Trial class. The trial is usually during the beginning of the day and bookings in advance are required as places are limited due to the number of students. The trial takes approximately 1 hour with an opportunity to ask questions during and at the end of the trial.

  • Step 1: Choose the age appropriate program that suits your child.

  • Step 2: Complete the Online Trial Form or contact us directly at

  • Step 3: Arrange a Trial date with our administration team.

  • Step 4: A detailed explanation during the Trial lesson.

  • Step 5: Confirm payment, complete application form and start the term.

Tuition & Fees

At T.N.G Montessori Academy (TMA) , the school fees consist of an admission fee / enrollment fee, annual fee, facility maintenance fee, tuition, school uniform, and material fee. All fees should be remitted by the deadline.

Fees are fixed for the Sept 2024 to June 2025 school year. They are reviewed annually by the school management and any changes to the school fees for the next school year are announced by the end of May.


  • Tuition is paid according to the following schedule

  • Fall Term tuition is due by end of July

  • Winter Term tuition is due by the end of November

  • Spring Term tuition is due by the end of February

  • 5% discount will be applied to those who choose to pay the lump sum annual tuition

  • There is a 10% sibling discount for any number of days per week attendance but this cannot be combined with a Lump Sum payment discount - ONLY ONE type of discount will be applied.

  • For enrollments starting in the middle of the term, tuition will be adjusted

  • All Tuition and Fees are subject to 10% consumption tax.

  • All Tuition and Fees are non-refundable.

  • Entrance fee adjustment system (If moved from other programs) Total entrance fee - Admission fee from previous program = remaining entrance fee for the next program.


Q1. Who is eligible to enroll in TMA? Are there any requirements?

All children from age 0 to 6 years old and who would like to receive Montessori education in English are eligible to apply. Please read the program descriptions for details of our programs.

Q2. Is it possible to enroll in the middle of the term?

Yes, as long as there are open spots, it is possible to apply in the middle of the term.

Q3. Is there a school lunch? Is there also a bus for pick up and drop off?

No, we do not provide school lunch or bus service for pick up and drop off. Please bring your own snacks and lunch and please prepare only the amount of food your child can finish eating.

Q4. Do you have extended-hour classes? Do you have temporary or short term classes?

No, we do not have extended-hour classes or temporary and short term classes.

Q5. Why are there mixed age groups in the classroom?

A Montessori classroom with mixed age groups encourages interaction and learning from their peers. This gives the younger child the opportunity to learn from the older child as well as giving the older child an opportunity to be a role model.

Q6. Why do children work independently?

Each child develops at his/her own pace in the Montessori environment. The classroom is set-up in such a way that the child is able to choose materials that will interest his/her own needs.

Q7. Is it a problem if my child cannot speak English (the parents cannot speak English)?

There are many students enrolled who are learning English for the first time. There are also many bilingual English and Japanese speaking staff members so please do not worry.

Q8. Are there any events where the parents must participate?

Yes, for Halloween and Christmas, there are parties during class time where parents are invited. (Right now due to the pandemic, we only hold parties for the students.)

Q9. Is there a system where we can enroll gradually?

No, we do not accept gradual enrollment. We understand that parents worry about their children being in a new environment. However, students will start with the scheduled hours so that they will get used to the school and routine faster. Once they understand that their parents will pick them up after school is finished, they will enjoy coming to school. Please believe in your children and drop them off without concern.

Q10. Can we watch the class after enrollment?

No. In order to keep the children focused and to keep the consistency of our class schedule, we do not allow parents to watch the class. However, we share class pictures and videos that we take during school hours to share with parents after school.

Q11. Why is 5 days per week recommended?

Young children thrive on consistency, and only regular attendance provides both the continuity that they need and helps to create the culture of empowerment and order that defines a true community of children.

Q12. Why do we use "real materials?"

"Real materials" such as glass, sharp pointed objects, etc. are used in the classroom to give real life experience. Through the use of these materials the child becomes aware of their actions and aids in self control.

Q13. How do Montessori children handle the transition to a more traditional school?

The fundamental personal and social skills developed in the Montessori environment allows the children to transition well into new environments. They often show exceptional resilience and interaction skills when transitioning.